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Www.obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.com I am an avid reader from Sydney, Australia with a love of all things book related. I love to read Young Adult (UF, Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Contemporary and Dystopia) with the odd adult Paranormal or Contemporary romance thrown in at times. Obsession with Books was started in March 2011.
Negligee Behavior - Shelli Stevens http://obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.comReview: 4 out of 5 starsBrandy Summer’s is a 30 year old Choir Teacher who has been roped into a quickie Vegas wedding by her reality TV host boyfriend, Gordon. Not wanting to go ahead with marrying him she runs out and hijacks a sexy biker waiting at traffic lights. Marco Vargas isn’t quite sure what he’s getting himself into when he rescues Brandy, but figures he’ll do the chivalrous thing.What Marco doesn’t know is Brandy is a lingerie heiress, she is quite plain and dowdy but she also has an appeal that he is attracted to.Marco is a 29 year old part owner of Dantes Bar he is sexy, long haired, hard bodied with a few tattoos who is also hiding a secret past, one he is ashamed of and doesn’t willingly talk about, it is also the cause of a rift between him & his father.Not knowing what to do with Brandy, he offers her a place to stay and also a job waiting tables at the bar, never having a clue of who she actually is but intrigued by her and the sexy lingerie she hides under her prim and proper, unattractive but quirky clothing.It was nice watching the relationship develop between them, she was sensitive, sweet and naïve and he was sexy, capable and strong; the smexy scenes were sensual and scorching hot! I loved them as a couple.I was surprised by Marco’s secret; I didn’t think it was something he should have hidden or been so ashamed of. I was expecting it to be something much more sinister.Brandy really seemed to live the sheltered life, she was quite clueless with a lot of things; it was nice seeing her grow throughout the book, she really grew in confidence once she had her make-over. Her quick wit and comebacks had me laughing out loud at times, she was fun.I am glad she ditched her ex, his reasons for wanting to get married were nasty and deceitful! I am glad he got what he deserved.I enjoyed the secondary characters, from Val the bartender who was a wonderful friend to Brandy, Sebastian the flirty British co-owner of Dantes, Elena who is Marco's younger sister and Brandy's mother who was modern, down to earth and not the haughty taughty woman you would expect from someone in her position.I would love to read a story based on Sebastian and Elena, I think they would make a great couple and am curious to read more of Sebastian’s past; his divorce and the real reason behind his womanizing.Negligee Behavior is an enjoyable and fun read with a wonderful HEA.