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Www.obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.com I am an avid reader from Sydney, Australia with a love of all things book related. I love to read Young Adult (UF, Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Contemporary and Dystopia) with the odd adult Paranormal or Contemporary romance thrown in at times. Obsession with Books was started in March 2011.
Raven's Kiss (Raven Grace, #1) - Toni LoTempio,  Kimberly Killion http://obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.com2.5 out of 5Raven Grace was a college senior with ambitions of a career in law enforcement when a fateful night changed her life forever. Having been bitten and changed by a demon (Aega), Raven is now a Coli or Shapeshifter. She is an employee of a protective order of other supernatural beings, The Recovery.After an attack on another woman and a forced vacation, Raven sets off on a search for the demon to seek her revenge and whilst investigating comes across a hidden portal which is a way to a parallel universe.It is here she meets the gorgeous red-headed Scotsman, Finn McPhee, who is also a member of the Recovery in this parallel universe and too is investigating the same demon.Seeking answers, Finn takes Raven to meet an ancient fae who informs them the demon’s quest is rooted in Scottish mythology and magic. Raven also learns of her heritage and of a prophecy which held her as the chosen one.Raven and Finn felt an instant attraction, and it was in their cards they were destined to be together but I felt their relationship didn’t flow naturally; it seemed forced due to circumstance. But the romance takes backstage to the actual story/mystery.The first half of the book was slow paced and too much angst and woe is me from the heroine Raven, she was unwillingly changed but she survived which is a rare feat when others when changed either become evil or they die. There was overload of content and a too much repetitiveness.I couldn’t take to Raven at all, she was impatient and rude; she wasn’t a pleasant friend at all, demanding, sarcastic and seemingly unrelentless in the search for the demon, who was actually a pawn, subservient to another, darker demon.I did enjoy the secondary characters, they were thought out well and much too tolerant of Raven who definitely needed an attitude adjustment.There are a few inconsistencies in the writing, there are a number of typos and spelling errors, but these things are minor and can be easily overlooked.I would describe Raven’s Kiss as a mix of Paranormal with Mystery. It was a fascinating plot but fell short on delivery for me.