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Www.obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.com I am an avid reader from Sydney, Australia with a love of all things book related. I love to read Young Adult (UF, Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Contemporary and Dystopia) with the odd adult Paranormal or Contemporary romance thrown in at times. Obsession with Books was started in March 2011.
Inhuman - Kat Falls Review: 4 out of 5 stars I have been curious about Inhuman by Kat Falls since I first glimpsed the amazing cover, and I'm pleased to say this was a fascinating, compelling read that has left me eager to read the next installment. Inhuman follows the story of sixteen year-old Delaney ‘Lane’ Park McEvoy who recently found out her father had been travelling to the forbidden feral zone as a ‘fetch’, someone who retrieves valuables from war ravaged areas; a job both dangerous as it is rewarding. Lane has no idea this is what her father does until she is blackmailed into travelling there herself to recover a lost item or her father will be punished. Delaney was a great character, naïve initially as she has always been protected in her sterile environment but finding out what she was up against didn’t make her squirm or falter, she was gun ho and ready to save her dad which I thought was great and even after a few traumatic experiences she was still determined to succeed, she was kind and compassionate to everyone she came across. The concept was extremely interesting, the world Kat Falls created showed us what had happened after a biological disaster caused by a high profile company turned millions of people into genetic freaks by spreading a ferae naturea virus which resulted in human/animal hybrids causing in some cases a loss of intelligence and humanity, they are now separated and guarded by a large wall which keeps the infected separated. The plot was fast-paced and flowed well with a number of dramatic scenes showing the element of danger the characters had to face. Along the way Lane got to meet many intriguing characters, Rafe who was orphaned as a child and knows Lane’s father extremely well lives in the feral zone himself and knows what Lane is up against and is willing to help out of loyalty to her father. Everson is a committed soldier who has also been quite sheltered in his life and is determined to help find a cure, I'm not sure how I feel about him at this stage, he was just ok for me – we also get to meet many manimals, which were quite odd but I was curious about each of them. The villain was twisted and creepy and left me feeling horrified by his actions. With two smexy male leads we unfortunately also have what seemed to be a love triangle although it wasn’t over the top at all; I was a little bummed about the cliff-hanger ending and who Lane appeared to choose so I’m hoping the sequel gives me the HEA and the answers I am hoping for. The setting and descriptions are vivid and detailed which drew me into the story; I had a clear image in my mind about what was going on and what the manimals, characters and location were like. The world-building is strong and Kat Falls writing is engaging and crisp and despite it being predictable at times, it was also a mesmerising read. Overall, Inhuman was an unexpected surprise but you do need to go in with suspension of belief; filled with action, intrigue and fabulous characters I am definitely excited for the sequel. Thank-you to Scholastic/Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review Inhuman.